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❄❄ You and Pecan Pie ❄❄

-A Short, Steamy Holiday Romance-

By- Kane Caldwell

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Evelyn Breyer was used to and hated spending the holidays alone.

Owen Lakes wanted to and loved spending the holidays alone.

 But, when he walked into the diner at the end of her shift, that all changed.

Cuddle up with this short, steamy holiday romance.

Take a journey with Evelyn and Owen throughout the years holidays as they create their own new traditions, and tackle the ups and downs of new love.



 The Edge Series

-Book 3-

By- Kane Caldwell

Copyright 2017 © Kane Caldwell

There’s a saying many use- “I saved the best for last.” Well, this time that quote is one hundred fucking percent true. Now, it’s time I get a chance to tell you my story. I can tell you it’s not what you’re expecting. You’re either gonna love me or hate me, there is no in between.

(Official Blurb Coming Soon)

Add it to your TBR- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36002024-shattered-edges

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