The Edge Series

-Book Two-


Kane Caldwell

Copyright 2016 © Kane Caldwell




Running down the pale-blue painted hallway of the hospital, my chest hurting from the ferocious beating of my pounding heart, I felt the sweat beading across my forehead as every horrendous scenario ran through my fucking head.

I caught the nurse coming from Ashley’s room, grabbing her by the arm, and asked if the baby was okay.

She examined me with a confused look as she softly told me, “You must have the wrong room, sir. The woman in there,” she nodded to the open door, “isn’t pregnant.”

A chill cascaded down my body as I slowly stepped over the threshold. Ashley lay in the bed, tears streaming down her face and I knew she’d seen me talking with the nurse. “I’m sorry, Lane. I can explain,” was all she got out before I turned on my heel, walked out of the room, and never looked back.



   Chapter one

-Six months later-





“Fucking shit, shit, shit!” I rambled loudly in the car.

Taking a brief second, I assessed myself like I’d been in a ten-car pileup and not just a tiny fender bender. Everything seemed to be in all the right places except for the extra ten pounds I had attached to my stomach, which gave me a slight belly, hips and ass; those could definitely be placed elsewhere, like, not on my body.

Fucking donuts!

Who invented donuts anyway? They need to be brought out to a firing…

Shit! Focus, Madison!

Since no one came rushing over to my SUV, I assumed there were no patrons littering the bar parking lot or, if there were, they were tucked away in the corner laughing at me. I shut the car off and got out to view the damage to the massive truck I’d just backed into. With my luck, it belonged to some huge guy that had a hard-on for it and I was about to get an earful. That’s when I thought about leaving one of those nice notes—Sorry I hit your car and here’s my information—and maybe even adding a smiley face to it for extra points.

“You’re gonna go in there and find the owner and deal with this,” I muttered to myself, trying to suppress the anxiety that was currently forming inside.

It wasn’t working.

After studying the minor damage, I forced myself to start toward the bar’s entrance. My heart began to pound and with every step closer, my breaths became labored as a numbing sensation ran through my body. Chancing a look back at my bumper butted up against the bumper of the massive truck, I freaked out because, as I took a second to take in the midnight blue truck…it looked brand fucking new! My anxiety began to escalate and as I tried getting a grip on it, I noticed the large print covering the back window: LC Construction. Making a mental note to look for a guy that appeared to be a construction worker, I opened the wooden door to find a mildly crowded seedy bar.

I rolled my shoulders and took a glance around at the people littering the small place. A few guys were playing pool and had their lecherous eyes focused my way, sizing me up. I said a small prayer that none of them were the owner of the truck. Swiftly averting my eyes from their spot so as to not give them the impression I was interested, I then saw the back of a dark gray T-shirt with the words LC Construction printed on it in white.


It took my feet a few seconds to comprehend that my brain was telling them to move before I started that way. The pounding of my heart had now turned into a thundering force in my chest. This guy was tall, as in very tall, compared to my five-seven stature, and from the sight of his broad shoulders and solid back that narrowed to a slim waist, he was built. He had a hip to the bar and seemed to be focused on someone in front of him, which from his tall and firm frame, I couldn’t see the person who held his attention. As I approached the bar, I wasn’t sure if my strenuous breaths had to do with just how good this guy looked from behind or if they were from my nerves. Sliding my ass on the second stool down from his location, I took a deep breath.

“Excuse me?”

He didn’t turn but my calling caught the bartender’s attention, who looked like she was too young to be in a bar, let alone behind it.

“What can I get ya?” she asked.

“Oh,” I fumbled a bit, “nothing, thank you.”

She shrugged her shoulders and began to walk away but I caught her eyeing the guy whose attention I was trying to gain and she rolled hers as she jerked her head in my direction. And just when my nerves were starting to calm a bit, the guy spoke.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’ll have your turn,” he said toward the barmaid.

For the love of God, his voice was deep, so deep and smooth, that just the sound of it had my thighs clenching and my eyes closing for a brief second to enjoy the rush it caused to flow through my body. But that quickly went away when the words he’d spoken finally sank in, words I found very odd and quite frankly degrading to all women, especially when the bartender smiled and winked at him. That’s when I heard a screechy giggle come from the other side of him. The woman he was with laughed…fucking laughed?  Who was this guy…a fucking God of some sort? I knew I’d been out of the game for a very long time but I’d be damned if I let any man talk to me that way and then giggle at him when he did.

What was this world coming to?

I cleared my throat as anger began to set in on what I just witnessed, but most of that fury had to do with the way my middle-aged, horny body had responded to his voice.

“Excuse. Me,” I said, accentuating both words loudly.

He finally turned around.

And that’s when I was kicking my own ass from head to toe for not just leaving a note because this guy was gorgeous. So stunning that I forgot what I had to say and instead took in his beauty. I was eye level with the dark gray T-shirt stretching across his rock-hard muscular chest; then I noticed red and black scrolling ink that started at his right elbow and disappeared under his tight sleeve.

I wanted to follow it.

My eyes went across his torso to his left hand which looked rough and was holding a bottle of beer. I wanted to know what his hands felt like on my body. The corded muscles in his forearms, the right sported a faint heart tattoo, had me swallowing hard but I did my best to cover it up as I shifted in my seat. My eyes continued up and were greeted with beautiful, strong male features: a neatly trimmed goatee that surrounded perfect lips, hazel eyes that I knew I could get lost in for hours and a dark blond mess of spikey hair that definitely worked on him.

God. He had a roughness about him that had all my lady parts standing at attention.

When my eyes found his again, his were gazing at me with such intensity that I swallowed slowly while wiggling in my seat because it suddenly felt as though I was sitting on a blazing inferno of bricks. And when I saw his mouth begin to move, I dropped my eyes and stared as his tongue came out to lick his bottom lip before he pulled it back between perfect, white teeth. My nipples suddenly became so erect, as I imagined they were his bottom lip, that they hurt.

Apparently, he had some sort of sixth sense because his eyes moved to my chest where they lingered on my tight buds pressing against the light blue halter top that had no barrier between them and the silky material. It was the audible growling rumble that sounded from deep within his throat that had me shaking myself from the lustful haze I was trapped in.

I opened my mouth to speak but he beat me to it. “A brunette and a redhead. Fuck, it’s my lucky night.” He smirked before glancing at the beautiful, flawless brunette sitting behind him.

Her unblemished looks had me suddenly feeling insecure about the few freckles that spread across my nose and checks, my breasts that barely fit a C cup, and let’s not forget about the extra ten pounds I’d put on in the past two months because of those damn fucking donuts.

Seriously! Who invented those evil globs of fried dough?

Just as I was making a vow to never eat another donut, he spoke again and when he did, no matter how absolutely fucking hot he was, it spoiled everything.

“Or,” he looked to me and went on, “if you’re not into that kinda thing, you can wait your turn.”

My body jerked back as if his words punched me in the gut. Blinking a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming this atrocious shit, I whispered, “Excuse me?”

His gaze fell to my high-heeled-powder-blue-sandaled feet, lingering for a second on the silver, interlocking heart ankle bracelet. His eyes then ran up my bare legs to where my A-line flowy white skirt—patterned with large baby blue colored diamonds—hit right above my knees, before they continued. As he progressed his complete inspection, his eyes landed on my breasts and he did that fucking lip biting thing again, and again, my traitorous body reacted to it, then his eyes finally met mine.

“Classy.” He winked and tipped his perfect pink lips up into a seductive grin.

Jesus! Focus, Madison!

Yes, I knew my attire wasn’t appropriate for this type of establishment which was the very reason I’d wanted to flee from the parking lot only seconds after entering it because I’d not been dressed fittingly. I made a mental note to chew out Gwenn for recommending this place.

What was she thinking?

Clearly, I understood her good intentions when she’d told me that while I had this time I should go out and enjoy myself. But what exactly did her definition of a “good time” really mean.

I mentally picked up all the melting pieces of my horny body, put them back into place, sat up straight and got to the real reason I’d come in here and asked, “You own the LC Construction truck?”

“I do.”

“Well…” I paused and felt the heat creep up my neck and into my cheeks.

He watched this process which was very visible against my light skin color. “Well, what?” he bit out, crossing his bulky arms across his equally massive chest.

As intimidating as his stance was, I sallied forth and started, “See…”

“I thought we were going to leave?” the brunette whined from behind him causing me to halt my words.

“You can leave,” he stated firmly, not giving her his attention.

“But,” she drawled out, “I thought we were leaving together?”

He slightly rotated his hips to look back at her. “Fucking leave if ya wan—”

“I hit your truck,” I blurted while he was speaking to her because if I didn’t say it in that second, I was going to chicken out and run.

He whipped around so fast that I was graced with an amazing spicy, woodsy scent that drifted up my nose and settled deep in my core. Hazy from the intoxicating scent the breeze formed, I watched as he shouted with heated eyes on me, “You fucking what!” then proceeded to take quick solid steps as he headed toward the door.

I shook off the fog and jumped down from the stool walking hastily as I tried keeping up with him, giving notice that his faded jeans encased his amazing ass just perfectly, all the while saying, “It’s not what you think.”

“For your safety, you better fucking hope not,” he said decisively as he effortlessly swung the door open so hard it hit the brick wall of the bar’s front. I swiftly slipped through it before it had a chance to close.

A cold shiver ran up my spine after For your safety reached my ears and sank into my brain on exactly as to what he was saying. Once we hit the gravel parking lot, my legs grew shaky and I had a hard time keeping up with his long strides in my heels.

“I’ll pay…”

“Yeah,” he came to a standstill, turned, ran his eyes down my body and when his hard eyes met my fearful blue ones, he stated suggestively, “you will.”

With his abrupt stopping, I stumbled when I came to a halt. He reached out and gripped my upper arm with his large hand, and I instantly felt the roughness of it against my smooth skin which caused a tingling sensation to run through my body and land in my belly. Thinking I’d try the nice approach, I hoped it might possibly calm him down.

“Thank you,” I said softly.

He glanced to where his hand was attached to my arm, and when his eyes came to mine the anger in them turned to a hardness that I couldn’t read and he let go. With no words, he started toward his truck and again I tried to keep up but this time with much more ease.

“See? Not too bad, right?” I asked when I caught up to our connecting cars while he inspected the damage.

“Move your car,” his deep, hard voice demanded.

I didn’t question him or say anything as I rushed to the driver’s side of my car, jumped in and quickly pulled forward then just as fast, got out of my car and walked back to him.

“Jesus!” he grated out as his eyes focused on his bumper.

Looking at it, I didn’t think it was all that bad as there was only a slight dent in it.

“Oh, it’s not too bad,” I whispered as I bent slightly at the waist to get a closer look.

“Not too bad?” he barked but didn’t let me answer. “You fucking dented my new truck, woman!”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized weakly as I stood up straight. “It was an accident.”

“You one of those rich bitches that only drives to the fucking salon and mall. Oh, and to have lunch with your equally rich, bitchy girlfriends?”

“You have got to be kidding me,” I snapped, appalled by how he assumed I lived my life.

“Brand new Buick Enclave, dressed all fucking classy and shit, says your husband is working his ass off to keep that shit going for you.”

“Fuck you!” I shouted then turned and stomped to my car where I retrieved my insurance information.

When I returned to the bed of his truck he had the tailgate down and was reaching for his back pocket. I flinched when he swiftly pulled his cell out and saw he’d detected my actions as he looked at me for a brief second. His eyes went to the phone in his hand, and, thankfully, he didn’t say anything about what he’d observed. I went to lay my documents on the bed of his truck, but my shaky hands dropped the papers to the ground causing them to scatter everywhere.

“Shit,” I muttered.

“For fuck’s sake just give me your number and I’ll text you my shit ‘cause I don’t have time for this,” he huffed with irritation.

At this point, I didn’t care about attaining his information. I just wanted to go home, crawl under my covers and cry myself to sleep like I normally did.

“Okay,” I said in a calm voice because I’d already checked out. My head was no longer in the present but swirled up in all the tragedy I’d endured in the past six months.

I gave him my number and after he typed it into his phone and slammed the tailgate closed, he pointed to the ground. “You might wanna grab your shit, Princess.”

“Oh!” I jumped.

Crouching down, I began to grab the papers up one by one feeling his heated glare burning into my back which was unnerving. To see if my instincts were right, I raised my eyes slowly, following his frame, and when they landed on his intense stare, a shiver ran down my spine. At that, he cocked his head to the side cracking his neck, rolled his shoulders, let out an audible huff and turned and walked away.

Once I’d collected all my papers, I stood and looked his way to see him opening his driver’s side door.  Glancing back, he gave me the same hard, unreadable look he had minutes earlier then got into his truck. The loud rumble of the engine starting caused me to take a few hasty steps back, and I stood there and watching him tear out of the parking lot causing bits of loose gravel to fly up into the air.


I got into my own vehicle, reached into my purse, found what I was looking for, and uncapped the bottle of water that was sitting in the cup holder. It was at that moment I realized my hands were still shaking, so I carefully removed a small, white pill from the prescription bottle, placed it on my tongue, waited until the bitterness reached my taste buds, then took a swig of the water to wash down the remaining remnants of the Xanax.


Hope you enjoyed it! 



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The Edge Series

Copyright 2016 © Kane Caldwell


I live my life hard, fast and with precise control, exactly the way I like to fuck. I don’t take orders, I give them, that’s just how I am. I had the perfect life, a thriving business and a new piece of ass in my bed whenever I wanted. That was until she told me she was pregnant, then everything changed.
I spent months preparing our dream home and endless nights talking to my unborn child. I thought I had it all in the palm of my hands until one fateful night when everything slipped through my fingers, only to blur the edges of my life. Now, all I was left with was rage living deep within my bones that I felt would never leave.
Until…Madison Tanner came crashing into my world.

Life was going to be different, challenges that’d overwhelmed us from the beginning were going to be solved. Little did I know it would only get worse in other areas of life, which had me wondering if we’d made the right move. Then one tragic night changed the path of my future.
As I began to pick up the pieces of my shattered world and move on, it all started to crumble as bits of his secret life began to surface. But now something is lurking behind the darkness, haunting me at every turn. I fear for my life thinking I’ll never feel safe again.
Until…Lane Collins came storming into my world.


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**DAY 31**

-A Standalone Novel-

By- Kane Caldwell

Copyright 2016 © Kane Caldwell

Everything I’d planned on giving up was taken from me in an instant.

I felt responsible.

I tried moving on. Looking for light on my darkest days. But I just couldn’t handle the demons inside.

Out of despair, I tried ending my life. But just like protecting my family, I failed.

I was sent to the mental ward.

Sixty days.

Thirty-one days in, I could receive visitors.

I didn’t think anyone could reach me.

Then her sweet fucking gaze hit me.


Add to your TBR list- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32867381-day-31